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How to create a high converting website

Every website is built to achieve goals, every business has its own goals - selling someone or building a leads and engagement base. But in order to create a website that truly meets these goals, it is very important to design it correctly.
Your website should be attractive and functional. Our website development team works hard to create an impressive user experience for the websites of B2C and B2B companies.
We are very proud of our experience. We have designed many sites of all types, including sophisticated e-commerce sites. We always strive to find the best solution for your product and the results prove it.

UX Design

UX (User Experience) design starts with a deep understanding of the user's needs and the business goals of the company. When it comes to website design development, UX always goes hand in hand with UI design, because a good final product is a skillful and professional combination of these two concepts. The product should be effective, flexible, and easy to understand, but not strictly pragmatic.

UI Design

UI (user interface) design is the most important and most tangible component of any website. The user interface aims to make navigation as intuitive as possible with a functional design that instills trust and brand identity.

Design for the convenience of your users.

Whatever your goal, put the needs of your site users first. If you don't quite understand what users want, ask them, it's easy to do if you keep building a close relationship with the client. As a user-centered agency, this principle is at the heart of everything we create.

Create designs to cover the needs of your clients.

Every effective website has beauty and intelligence. Naturally, the site should look attractive. But it also needs to be designed with a clear understanding of its most important goals and conversion points, as well as how the website will help users along their journey towards those goals.

What is our website creation process?

Good digital studio - Our approach to website design is growing and improving every day, with hundreds of websites covering almost every industry imaginable. Our offices are located in Kiev and Madrid, but we work with clients all over the world.

Discovery + User Research

We start with getting to know your business. We communicate with key stakeholders and delve deeper into the data you already have, including the performance of any existing site. We try to start researching your users as soon as possible. This may include communicating with your customers, creating or analyzing quantitative research such as surveys, or performing user testing on an existing site.

Strategy Development

Before developing a design for a website, you need to approve its proposed structure, content and website functions for business purposes. At this stage, we make decisions about the direction of the website. During the development of a website strategy, our specialists work closely with each other to research customer needs, problems and opportunities. At the end of the stage, we prepare a presentation on the strategy we have developed that guides the creation of the website and sets the tone for your project.

Site structure planning

When planning, we turn the strategic direction into a site plan. When planning, we also define technical requirements and specifications. As a result, we get a sitemap that shows the structure and hierarchy of the site's pages. We then design wireframes - low fidelity black and white designs that show the basic structure of each page template. These results are supported by as much user research we can do.

Design development

Finally, we come to the stage, thanks to which we can visually see how our project will look like. The results of this step are full color layouts of each template based on wireframes created during planning. Each mockup is provided to your team for detailed feedback as you go, starting from the home page. And since fully responsive design is non-negotiable, we design separately for desktops, mobiles and tablets, optimizing every element and interaction for every device.


Our copywriters know how to tell a story and get visitors to linger on the pages. They think like the first site visitor and make the page attractive to both humans and search engine crawlers.

SEO site optimization

SEO is a very important part of an effective website. Building a website first and then “SEO” usually results in lost website development opportunities and wasted money. Every website we design is built with SEO in mind. Our SEO specialists are involved with the project to make sure we create the right pages in the right places. Sitemaps, wireframes, copies, and even design elements are thoroughly checked to ensure they are discoverable, relevant, and in line with SEO best practices.

Website development

As a full service website agency, we have highly professional website development specialists.


Branding is the nature of your company. This is an individual visual image. It determines how many buyers your brand will have, whether they will enjoy interacting with your business, and whether they want to recommend you to their friends.

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