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What is branding?

Branding is the face and character of your company. It is a strong visual identity. How well you manage to create this look depends on how many fans there will be for your brand, how long they want to spend time with your business, and whether they want to recommend you to their friends.

In Nice Digital Studio, the branding design process is based on high-quality research and a well-thought-out strategy. We work with the client to create a branding design that makes an impression that your audience will have no chance of not recognizing you.


If your current brand status is no longer in line with your proposal and needs to be updated, or if this is the birth of a new brand, Nice Digital Studio can accompany you from the beginning of your new journey.

We will work together to define (or redefine) your brand values and then develop various tools that will take your brand to the next level.

Brand Book

A brand book is a document that establishes specific principles for maintaining brand identity in all external and internal communications.

A very important benefit of a brand guide is that it gives your business consistency and cohesion in all of your actions.

Consistency in messages and visual presentation sets the tone, and personality of your company, which is beginning to be recognized.

This builds the trust and loyalty of the target audience over a long period of time. Overly varied designs can be inconsistent, which reduces brand identity and credibility.

Logo development

A logo is a very important part of a corporate identity. It should reflect your personality at first glance. This is the visual element that the world will see most often.

And a lot of other things

Branding and corporate identity include a wide range of elements. From idea to design, we will accompany you in the development of your entire look.

UI/UX Design

very website is built to achieve goals, every business has its own goals - selling someone or building a leads and engagement base. But in order to create a website that truly meets these goals, it is very important to design it correctly.

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