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SEO Packages that Increase Leads and Sales

Nice Digital Studio provides affordable and effective SEO packages that help our clients increase traffic, and get new clients and sales to grow their business. With our search engine optimization packages, your business will gain an edge over the competition.

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Nice Digital Studio - SEO Packages that increase leads and sales

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99% of all profits go to companies that are on the first page of Google, so our SEO plans help our clients to get their sites in the TOP 10 of Google to increase their income.




For businesses that want to gradually increase their online presence:

25 Keyphrases optimized

10 Pages optimized

3 Competitive Analysis

20 Optimization of metategs

3 Writing a blog / information pages

1 face-to-face call per month

SEO package Specialist:

This SEO package includes thorough research, planning, and implementation of the necessary actions to optimize and promote your site on Google.




For small and medium businesses in competitive niches:

50 Keyphrases optimized

20 Pages optimized

5 Competitive Analysis

30 Optimization of metategs

5 Writing a blog / information pages

2 face-to-face call per month

SEO package Pro:

The most popular SEO package in Nice Digital Studio, which helps our clients grow rapidly, get organic traffic, overtaking competitors on Google




For highly competitive service niches and rapid growth:

70 Keyphrases optimized

30 Pages optimized

7 Competitive Analysis

40 Optimization of metategs

7 Writing a blog / information pages

4 face-to-face call per month

SEO package Guru:

Dominate search engine optimization and attract new customers with comprehensive website optimization that includes even more pages and keywords.



Compare Packages

Compare SEO packages and choose the one that suits your business best. If you do not know which package to choose, contact us and we will help you choose the right package.










  • Analysis

    • Competitive analysis

      3 Competitor

      5 Competitor

      7 Competitor

    • Depth website analysis

    • Duplicate content check

    • Webmaster tools creation and monitoring

    • Google analytics

    • SEO Plan Promotion

    • Backlink analysis


    • Google my business optimization


  • Content marketing

    • Blog writing/info pages

      up to 3

      up to 5

      up to 7

    • Writing new content (words)

      up to 500

      up to 1500

      up to 3000

    • Page content optimization

    • Research is based on communication with customers



  • On-page SEO

    • Keyphrases optimized

      Up to 25

      Up to 50

      Up to 70

    • Pages Optimized

      Up to 10

      Up to 20

      Up to 30

    • Title & meta tags optimization

      Up to 20

      Up to 30

      Up to 40

    • URL structure analysis

    • Robots.txt file creation/analysis

    • Image optimization

    • Check mobility issues

    • Link redirect audit

    • Footer optimization

    • Schema Implementation (JSON-LD)

    • Conversion Optimization

    • Monthly Custom Report

    • Website usability analysis

    • Website Speed Optimization


    • Design improve



  • Off-page optimization

    • Linkbuilding

      up to 3

      up to 5

      up to 7

    • Competitor keywords analysis

    • Competitor link analysis


    • Google Business Profile optimization


    • Search listings for company profile



  • Reporting

    • Keyword ranking reports




    • SEO Activity Reports

    • Google analytics report

    • Google Search Console report

    • Off-page activity report


    • Competitors’ search rankings report



  • Customer support

    • Zoom meetings/month




    • Personal project manager

    • Daily Email support

    • Daily messengers support

What are SEO Packages?

These are special SEO packages that are customized to each website. Its main goal is to improve the position of your site in search results in order to bring more traffic and leads. Each plan is carefully selected and worked out so that each client gets the most out of the chosen plan.

Nice Digital Studio - Effective SEO Packages

Learn the Process Behind Our SEO Management Packages

When you receive an SEO package from Nice Digital Studio, you get an individual manager who will accompany you throughout the entire process of promoting your site. Before starting work, our team will get to know you, your business, ambitions, and dreams, which will help develop an individual SEO strategy that will help you achieve your goals and bring pleasure to the process.


Website audit, technical optimization

Before starting SEO promotion, we put the website in order, technical errors are eliminated. Based on the results of the analysis, a list of necessary changes is compiled that will improve your site.


Keyword Research

Keyword research is an integral part of the SEO process. As a result of the research, we make an SEO strategy based on the most relevant target queries. Throughout the month, we conduct research to find new keywords, and queries that contribute to improving the ranking of your site.


Monthly off-page SEO

With quality backlinks, we will increase the authority of your site, so that search engines such as Google will better rank pages and give the site to potential customers for relevant search queries.


SEO analysis of competitors and the market

Thanks to a detailed analysis of each website and search results in your niche, we develop an SEO strategy for your project that takes into account the weaknesses of competitors and helps to surpass them.


Monthly on-page SEO

By optimizing the visible content and HTML source code, we get improvements in site rankings. On-page SEO includes technical optimization, keywords optimization, building a website's search structure, creating new pages and optimizing them for targeted queries, and much more.


Quarterly SEO reports

Our team is always in touch with clients, which is why the client always knows at what stage his project is. With quarterly reports, you get insights into keyword research, traffic, goals, success, and more.

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How to Get on the First Page of Google

Say goodbye to SEO work and hello to income with custom SEO packages from Nice Digital Studio. We provide customized SEO packages customized to your business, industry, and goals.

Nice Digital Studio - How to Get on the First Page of Google

On-Page SEO

Improving your site's SEO starts with internal optimization. Google analyzes the site code and decides whether to show the site to users who are looking for the product or service you provide. A professional approach to On-Page SEO will result in increased website traffic and more leads for the business owner.

Off-Page SEO

Working on Off-Page SEO leads to higher domain rankings. The higher your site ranks, the more credible it is from search engines like Google. Proper Off-Page optimization leads to an increase in the visibility of the site, which has a positive effect on getting relevant traffic, leads and increasing business profits.

Keyword Review

Constant and professional work with keywords makes it possible to increase traffic on the site. Here you need to be very careful because search engines carefully monitor the quality of site content and impose penalties on sites that increase keywords incorrectly.

Ready to get to the Top of Google Search?

Get new customers with our SEO packages that will improve your website beyond recognition. If you are looking for a way to grow your business, SEO is a great way to go. The right SEO package will help you improve your website and get more leads for your business. At Nice Digital Studio, we work for results and benefit only when your client earns. If you are ready to get started, fill out the form below or contact us in any convenient way.

Nice Digital Studio - Effective SEO Packages

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Frequently Asked Questions About SEO Packages

We offer SEO packages from basic to advanced levels. But despite this, each package is effective and works for every type of business. The main difference lies in how many hours our team will spend promoting your site during the month. It all depends on the size of your business and the competition in the market. We recommend the starter plan for small businesses, start-ups, and those who want to increase their brand presence on the Internet, improve their website, and get new traffic, but are not ready to spend a big budget on it.

Each SEO package includes an individual SEO specialist who will be with you at all stages of promoting your site. You can contact the manager on any issue that interests you on Whatsapp, by mail, or schedule an online meeting in Zoom. From the moment we start working, we become one team with the same goal: to bring new customers to your business. That is why such a convenient way of communication helps us achieve better results.

At Nice Digital Studio, you can find the perfect plan to suit your business. The price for the basic package starts at $429 and can go up to $1200 for the advanced package, which is suitable for those who want to quickly become the market leader.

At the beginning of each month, we issue an invoice to our customers. We do not tie our clients to long-term obligations, because we use a completely different strategy. The client should strive to work with us! We do our work 110%, which captivates the client and they are willing to stay with us for a long time. Our client earns, we earn! Our results are why customers choose Nice Digital Studio.