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Website development and SEO optimization for a US Aerospace company

Today we would like to present to you a project that Nice Digital Studio has been working on for 5 months. During this time, the team rethought and created a new design for the space company. Thanks to an integrated approach, the client received a new, modern website that reflects the company's ideology. SEO optimization was carried out to obtain high visibility in organic search, as well as the search for investors interested in the development of aerospace technologies.

Nice Digital Studio - Website Development and SEO for US Aerospace Company

Our long-run cooperation with the client

Skyborne Technology is a major leader in the design and manufacture of helium-filled lighter-than-air (LTA) drones for advertising, military, communications, and other applications.

This is not the first NDS collaboration with this company. The founder of UAV Corp has repeatedly asked us for help with his old site. After several successfully completed projects, the company realized that they needed a new website as well as SEO in order to present themselves on the Internet to a wider audience. Nice Digital Studio was the perfect candidate for this role.

The task for NDS in this project was to create a technological and user-friendly website that presented the idea and advantages of the company, as well as providing the necessary information for investors.

Nice Digital Studio - Website Development and SEO for US Company

Client-centric website redesign for UAV Corp

By creating a digital transformation strategy, NDS aimed to reimagine the style of aerospace company websites that are on the market. We have made a future-oriented product that allows potential clients and investors to quickly get the necessary information, and companies can easily publish the necessary information on the website.

A completely new design system is based on simple, consistent, and branded components. Separate, independent elements of the site allow the introduction of new functions, providing convenience and information for users.

Nice Digital Studio - Client-centric website redesign for US Aerospace Company

SEO-optimization of the website of an aerospace company in the USA: +123% traffic in 5 months

UAV Corp is a well-known company, but its online presence was not as impressive as its beautiful space airships. The goal was to drive more online traffic to the site to increase the number of investors and press attention.

After completing a comprehensive technical SEO audit, we prioritized the site and elements on the page that would positively impact search engine rankings.

At the moment, we are preparing a strategy for long-term SEO promotion, thanks to which we plan to increase site traffic several times. To work on promotion, we will use one of Nice Digital Studio SEO plans. It provides the site with the necessary actions for its effective promotion, as well as adds many new pages and brings them to the top for the necessary keyword search.

Nice Digital Studio - SEO-optimization of the website of an aerospace company in the USA: +123% traffic in 5 months

Results of cooperation between UAV Corp and NDS

As UAV Corp and Nice Digital Studio continue their long-term partnership, new features and improvements are being rolled out regularly.

When UAV first started working with Nice Digital Studio, its online presence was very limited. Through constant SEO and strategic keyword optimization, the company has grown significantly in rankings, traffic, and most importantly, eCommerce revenue. In the first 5 months, the first-page rank increased by 123%.

Nice Digital Studio - Website Development and SEO for company in US Nice Digital Studio - Website Development and SEO Optimization for company in US