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SEO optimization of a jewelry brand online store: +63% organic traffic

Today we would like to tell you about our collaboration with a unique brand that produces amber jewelry.

Nice Digital Studio - SEO Optimization of a Jewelry Brand Online Store

The client and their story

The history of the brand begins on the shores of the Baltic Sea, where amber, which is the most important component of jewelry, is mined. They introduce their customers to a beautiful and unique stone that comes off in a new way when viewed from different angles. Thanks to the responsible and careful processing of the product, the buyer receives a small work of art.

Nice Digital Studio - SEO Optimization E-commerce Website

Stages of SEO website optimization for Strelnik

Our client's product is different from what competitors offer. The client reached out to Nice Digital Studio to eliminate existing errors on the website, optimize it and get more traffic.

Nice Digital Studio - Stages of SEO website optimization for Website

Improving the UI / UX of the site

To improve the organic issuance of the site, we decided to add more content to the website. Our design team has developed and implemented new blocks on landing pages. The new elements on the site have made the site more user-friendly and have added new features such as signing up for regular updates and getting a discount on your first order.

Using SEO Techniques to Generate Leads

Strelnik wanted to attract the attention of not only those who are already familiar with their brand. With our help, they wanted to expand the number of industry inquiries and increase the number of customers.

The client's team not only follows our recommendations after completing their site but also incorporates our innovations into their content, which continues to drive high-converting traffic. All that is thanks to the new SEO knowledge.

Nice Digital Studio - Using SEO Techniques to Generate Leads on Website Nice Digital Studio - Using SEO Techniques to Generate Leads for Website

SEO optimization results for Strelnik

Comprehensive work on the project, as well as the selection of relevant queries for the pages, making it possible to notice an increase in search traffic on the site within a month.

The result of our partnership was a twofold increase in traffic to the site, which allowed the brand to get new potential customers. We managed to bring the website to the top for the main requests that our clients addressed to us, one of them being “designer amber jewelry”.

New visitors to the site are the result of a well-built SEO strategy and complex site optimization by experienced specialists.

Nice Digital Studio - SEO Optimization Results

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