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Design and website development for cryptocurrency investment service

In this case, we would like to show you a project in which Nice Digital Studio developed a design, a website for an ambitious startup with which you can safely invest in cryptocurrency.

Nice Digital Studio - Website Development for Cryptocurrency Investment Service

Client and Project

Best Capital provides the best investment products through continuous innovation. Automatic and manual procedures for risk management and quick response make the service reliable and inspire investors' confidence. The team uses sophisticated statistical tools to identify profitable investment opportunities for their clients.

The task of Nice Digital Studio was to develop a bright, dynamic website that would highlight the main idea of ​​the service, and be simple and understandable for any audience.

Nice Digital Studio - Cryptocurrency Investment Service Website Development

Identity Design

The logo design is based on the symbol for the crypto coin, giving a light visual representation of the brand. The sign goes well with typography, where the brand name is presented in a minimalistic manner.

Nice Digital Studio - Identity Design for Cryptocurrency Investment Service

Web Design Development

The first stage was market and target audience research, after which we defined two main tasks for ourselves: to create a stylistic concept that would allow the brand to reflect the idea and be remembered by the client and to think over an easy and understandable presentation so that the site is informative and stylish.

The main section of the page attracts the attention of visitors with a bright illustration that displays the ease and convenience of using the service. The illustration gives an instant visual link to the service being offered. Thanks to a well-chosen color palette, the site has pronounced colors but is not intrusive, which makes it possible to make call-to-action elements contrasting and noticeable, as well as emphasize the brand identity.

Nice Digital Studio - Web Design Development for Cryptocurrency Investment Service

Website Structure

The website is divided into the main page and the user's personal account, where they can track their balance, referral program, news, settings, etc.

The structure of the main page is based on organizing information into several sections, each of which describes the product. Looking through the page it is easy to understand how the product works, and what are its advantages and uniqueness. A calculator was developed on the main page, which allows the user to calculate their potential income, as well as see the benefits of different tariffs.

The site design uses color contrast, which helps to draw attention to essential information blocks.

Development of a Personal Account

An important aspect of our work was the creation of an understandable and convenient user account, where they could get access to all personal data in a matter of seconds.

Nice Digital Studio - Development of Users Personal Account for Website

Mobile Adaptation

While working on the website, the obligatory criterion was the convenience of mobile devices. Any modern site should be perfectly designed for mobile devices. The site should be convenient on all devices and all screens. Thanks to proper adaptation, the site looks good on any device and also has a positive effect on search positions.

Nice Digital Studio - Mobile Adaptation for Website


The Nice Digital Studio team has created a modern, convenient, and stylish website that provides complete information about the product. It has a convenient and pleasant interface, and its design corresponds to the company's philosophy.

Nice Digital Studio - Result of Website Development for Cryptocurrency Investment Service Nice Digital Studio - Result of Website Development for Cryptocurrency Investment Company