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Setting up Google Ads Campaign

Set up PPC advertising for an audience that is already looking for your product or service. Efficient setup and maintenance to increase the number of customers for the business. With us, you will receive up to a $300 bonus to your account! We are interested in bringing clients from the first month, so that in the next you will continue to cooperate with us.

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Nice Digital Studio - Setting up Google Ads Campaign

Steps to set up contextual advertising in Google Ads

When working with contextual advertising, a very important indicator is the quality of knowledge and professionalism of performers. Poor setting up advertising campaigns will lead to a loss of budget and lack of results. Б


Website analysis and testing

We check the pages that will receive traffic to the site from advertising. After that goes elimination of technical errors, optimization of pages for running ads.


Connecting and configuring analytics

This allows you to monitor the effects of the campaign on an ongoing basis and, if necessary, make changes.


Campaign optimization

We constantly monitor ads and optimize campaigns to achieve the best result. In our work, we pay special attention to the regular improvement of the campaign.


Advertising account managing

We register and prepare an advertising account. We register all accesses and rights to the client's mail so that the client is always calm and has guarantees.


Preparation and launch of new advertising campaigns

Based on the strategy, we start setting up and creating ads. We collect keywords and form advertisements for a product/service that will help increase CTR. Our team set up ads and launch campaigns


Preparing a monthly report

At the end of the month, we generate a report on the achieved indicators and the distribution of the budget. We give recommendations to the client and set goals for the next period of work.

Generate more leads

Thanks to our experience with contextual advertising, you can quickly and easily attract new customers from the Internet. One of the key points is choosing the right type of advertising company and its professional optimization.

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Nice Digital Studio - Google Ads

Frequently Asked Questions

Contextual advertising is a type of Internet promotion in which an advertisement is shown only to those users who are already interested in a service or product. Thanks to contextual advertising on your site, the number of conversions and the amount of targeted traffic will increase in a short time.

The cost of setting up contextual advertising is set individually. The price is influenced by competition, the number of advertised pages, the number of keywords, and the expected position in the search results.

When ordering a service for setting up contextual advertising in Nice Digital Studio, you will receive: 1) Collection of the semantic core 2) Target audience analysis 3) Competitor analysis 4) Preparing the page for launching ads 5) Elimination of errors on the site 6) Creation of advertisements 7) General account setup

The amount depends on your niche, seasonality and website conversion rate. To improve conversions, you need to make the landing page as convenient and attractive for users as possible and constantly work on improvement.

Increase Your Sales

Our advertising allows you to turn users into potential customers. Thanks to properly configured PPC advertising, we will increase the number of requests in organic search, which will positively affect brand awareness and website promotion.

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Nice Digital Studio - Increase Your Sales with Google

Why is it worth ordering contextual advertising in Nice Digital Studio?

Thanks to our experience in working with many niches of various European and American businesses, we know how the market works and what it takes to be successful. We always speak openly with the client and send a report at the end of each month. Also, the main advantages of working with us, we would include:

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