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Website creation, UI / UX design, and promotion in Madrid, Spain.


21 Aug. 2021

Nice Digital Studio - Website creation, UI / UX design, and promotion in Madrid, Spain

Choosing an agency to develop a website for your product is not an easy task, but workers of Nice Digital Studio specialize in this and want to share with you important factors when choosing an agency.

Web agency: what is it, how does it work, and how to choose?

To be successful in selling your product or advertising your service online, any business needs a tailor-made marketing strategy that can attract customers and generate sales. For this purpose, it is better to use services of a web agency.
Why? Achieving brand awareness and success in e-commerce is a task that each entrepreneur faces. It is necessary to introduce advertising techniques, think over the design, and focus on modern trends and target audience.

For this reason, in most cases, you will need the help of professionals in the sector.
We're going to explain everything you need to know about web agencies and why you need to outsource the development and design of a website for your product to specialized companies.

What is a web agency?

Web agencies are companies that specialize in planning a brand strategy to target a specific audience.

But to implement a successful advertising strategy, you need to understand the digital world and thus create valuable content for existing and potential customers.While the basic principles of marketing remain the same, you need to know how to adapt them to the internet world.

Do it yourself vs web agency vs freelancers

When faced with the need to create a website or digital marketing strategy for your business, there are several options:

⁃ Do everything yourself, you will learn a lot during this period (you will have to learn all the time), but it will be a difficult and time- consuming process, although interesting. But be aware that in some cases you will have to hire a professional developer or designer anyway.

⁃ Hire a freelancer: nowadays you can find a freelancer everywhere. The cost of a freelancer is sometimes less than an agency services. But you will always worry about the quality of the work and the task at hand, so be sure to evaluate their experience and portfolio.

⁃ Hire an agency: usually, the services offered by agencies are more expensive than those of freelancers, since more than one professional is working on your project and the amount of work is huge. But in this case, you don’t have to worry about the quality of the product that you will receive.

Services provided by web studios

To provide your business with a professional strategy, create a professional website, attract the right customers and increase sales, a web studio should offer various services, such as:

  • - Site audit and analysis;
  • - Design, development, and programming of the site;
  • - Updating, improving, and maintaining the site;
  • - Create strategies that guarantee user-friendliness;
  • - Creation of SMM and advertising strategies for social networks;
  • - SEO strategies for web positioning;
  • - Advertising strategies and SEM campaigns in google ADS;
  • - Graphic design for digital and print media;
  • - Creation of commercials and photos;
  • - Email Marketing Strategies.

What are the prices for web agencies?

Before you start developing a website you should ask yourself the question: How much does it cost to develop a website for my product?

It depends on various factors such as:

  • ⁃ Complexity of individual design;
  • ⁃ Purpose of the site;
  • ⁃ Web-content structuring;
  • ⁃ Number of pages;
  • ⁃ Customized details and features;
  • ⁃ Completion date of the project;
  • ⁃ Using CMS or individual programming.

Why do you need to work with a web agency?

If you still want to build website yourself, even with no experience, I recommend reading these reasons for hiring a web agency and reconsider your idea.

  • - An original design will be created for you;
  • - A professional with a lot of experience and knowledge will be able to create the website you want, with a unique and unforgettable look that will help you stand out from the competition. Free templates and builders always have significant limitations that reduce the reputation and professionalism of the page;
  • - Better user experience;
  • - Many important aspects guarantee the success of a web page, including the user experience. The page should meet the needs of the user and offer a solution to their problem. This is why it is so important to place every button, survey, or link in the right place. This will provide cheat smooth and nice user interface;
  • - You can add any function to your site;
  • - An agency will develop a website with all the functions you need, which are often not found in website templates;
  • - There are no limits;
  • - To be successful in the competitive digital world, you have to think about the future and the possible changes that will occur. In many cases, a web page cannot adapt quickly enough and loses its productivity. Professional agencies can anticipate this difficulty;
  • - You will have exactly what you need.
  • - Most website templates contain many features and elements, but most of them you don't need. When you hire a professional agency, they will be responsible for creating your website with only the features that are essential for your business;
  • - This increases the speed of your site, because the more unnecessary features, the slower the site will work and load. Slow loading decreases your sales and your business success;
  • - The web agency will do professional SEO;
  • - Never forget about search engine optimization. Organic positioning is vital. If you want to increase your sales and find new customers, your website must appear well in search results. The agency should understand, how to bring new clients to your business by applying SEO techniques;
  • - You will have a product that is compatible with any platform;
  • - The number of visits to the site from mobile devices is growing every year. The web agency will make sure that your product displays well on mobile devices. Every professional website should be compatible with any device and optimized for SEO;
  • - Maintenance of your website 24/7;

Creating a website is half the battle, after which it is necessary to maintain it and solve possible current problems. The web agency has this feature, which is vital to the success of your website and the services it offers.

How do you choose the perfect web agency for your needs?

Nowadays there are quite a few agencies that provide their services, but you can often find companies that have a bad reputation. For you not to be disappointed with your choice, we offer you a couple of tips for choosing an agency for you. Among the most important factors in choosing an agency is the quality of its website and feedback on its past work.

Rate each agency's website.

This is one of the most important steps because the agency's website is its face. If it looks unattractive, has an old design, and outdated content, it may be a mistake to order services from this agency. The website does not always have to meet your expectations, but if it looks professional, then you are dealing with a responsible agency.

Take a look at the agency's portfolio.

Each agency on the market should have a portfolio that demonstrates the quality of its work. An original and professional design is the key to the success of Internet business. Agencies that do quality work are not afraid to showcase their past work.

Rate the reviews of each agency

After evaluating the website of a web agency, you should analyze the reviews that you find in the Internet, such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Look at the load time of the website of the agency

The loading time of each page is a very important factor; the perception of the user depends on it. If the load time is above 2.4 seconds, it causes a page close rate of almost 13%. Of course, this is not so bad if the slightly longer load is caused by animation. Then you brighten the user's expectation and evoke pleasant emotions.

Well, you have chosen the professionals, who are suitable for you, what should you do next?

Contact your favorite agency!

After you have selected the most suitable candidates in your opinion, establish contact. A professional agency will not only answer all your questions but also ask you a lot of questions before considering the design and development of your website to understand how to make your product most successful.

Feel free to ask a lot of questions!

Before using the services of any agency, you should ask all the questions that you think are necessary and resolve any doubts. Gather as much information as possible, such as when the work will be completed and possible prices.

A professional agency is always ready to answer any question.

A web agency is a professional solution you need!

The Internet is extremely competitive and it is very difficult to create successful digital marketing strategies that can attract new customers and generate conversions. One of the prerequisites for growing your online business is having a creative and personalized website. To do this, you need to hire the services of an experienced agency.

For example, at Nice Digital Studio, we are engaged in website development, UI / UX design, application design, and brand promotion.

In September 2020, our experienced and creative Nice Digital Studio team opened the office in the center of Madrid, so we are now open for projects in the European market.

That is why at Nice Digital Studio we have all the necessary knowledge to offer you the best services and want to help you.

Let's make your business better!

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