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Website creation mistakes that will doom your project to failure


10 Nov. 2020

Nowadays, the site is the best way to advertise yourself. Therefore, making a good website is very important. There are a lot of nuances to consider. But this is the knowledge that website developers gain with experience. In this article, we will highlight the main mistakes and explain everything in simple language.

A typical mistake is such an immediately visible mistake, with the naked eye, which can ultimately lead to a drop in the site's rating or a complete failure. Such a mistake will prevent the user from feeling comfortable and will create discomfort in use. The user will not want to re-enter such a site. Typical errors are universal, that is, they can be found on any type of site and not be tied to the features of the engine.

What mistakes should be avoided when developing a website

Site structure

Making a website structure is the first step in creating a website. All this is one of the most important criteria, which is responsible for several points at once, such as ease of use of the site, a ranking of search algorithms, and indexing. If you make a mistake in the structure of the site, then everything will only get worse. First of all, usability and promotion for search engines will suffer. Well, then what was described in the previous paragraph. The site will be inconvenient or incomprehensible, the user will not want to visit again, or, in general, will exit immediately. Search engines will demote a site due to confusion over which page to rank on. These are the consequences of an error in the structure.

Website Design and usability

It is very important to create a beautiful and memorable website design. However, some people think that saturating the site with as many animations as possible, screaming color pictures, in general, showing too much creativity, will make the site memorable. He will indeed be remembered, but not in a bad way. Everything in life should be harmonious. The design of the site should also be the same, the colors should be compatible, the fonts should be readable and harmoniously fit into the overall design of the site. You need to create a balance between creativity and usability. And then the result of the site will be positive. It is such a site that will not turn away, but, on the contrary, attract to surfing through the vastness of the pages of this site.

Cross Browser

Different browsers use different algorithms, which can affect the site when surfing pages. As practice shows, the incorrect display of a certain size in the browser forces the user to leave the site. The result is a drop in the site's rating. It is necessary to layout the site taking into account all known browser platforms.


Just like with a variety of browsers, there are also a variety of platforms. Someone can view the site from a computer, and someone from a phone. It is also called "responsive site layout". People don't like it when the site doesn't adjust to the size of their screens. This affects the number of site visitors who continue to browse the pages. The creation of mobile versions of the site is important not only for the image but also for keeping the site's positions in the search engine listings. Some unadapted sites lose up to 60% of their traffic due to this problem.

The target Audience

The purpose of the site is to provide services or advertise something to a certain circle of people who are the target audience. And it won't be very pleasant if the website for the provision of auto mechanic services is pink, and the organization of birthdays for children is black?

This is where the definition of the target audience keeps pace with the design work. Here, for the target audience, everything plays a role, structure, content, menu layout. All of this should also be combined.

Website Loading Speed

The first thing that comes to mind when talking about site loading speed is how quickly the site will open. Indeed it is. Do not forget that many future customers at the time of viewing may not be at home, where there is a good provider, or be in places where the speed of the provider leaves much to be desired. It is for these clients that it is important how quickly the site loads under such conditions. For example, loading high-resolution images slows down the site, but no one bothers to download an optimized image for such purposes and get it in good quality only after it is fully opened. By this principle, you can work with many elements. Make sure that the site loads quickly, even with a weak mobile connection, and the number of site visitors does not drop, regardless of where this visitor is now.

Technical errors

"Broken links" will affect the usability of the site, and search engines will rank the site poorly because of them. Most importantly, it will infuriate the user. But it's not just broken links that will cause problems. This also includes the indexing of junk pages, the generation of pages with 404 errors and redirects by the site itself, technical duplicates on the site, and others, smaller, but similar. Although, others will no longer have such a strong influence, unlike those listed.

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