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Independent SEO-optimization of the site

Every business needs a website, and every website needs SEO optimization. In order for the resource to be visible in search engines such as Google and customers can find and buy your product. In this article, we will consider what steps you need to take to optimize, the nuances and pitfalls, and whether it is worth taking on such a task yourself.

What is SEO optimization?

This is a large set of tasks that contribute to increasing the attendance and visibility of the resource by occupying higher positions in the search results. Increasing traffic to your site is one of the most important indicators of good optimization, which brings free traffic to your site from potential customers. Such traffic is considered to be of the highest quality, as these are your potential customers who are clearly interested in the product.

In the optimization process, all tasks are aimed at making the resource more authoritative and attractive to search engines such as Google. This is achieved thanks to:

  • Quality content;

  • Correction and creation of the correct structure of pages;

  • Correction of technical errors;

  • Quality backlinks.

SEO promotion takes a lot of time and requires patience, knowledge, both technical and marketing knowledge. If you do not have enough time to delve into the process, then it is better to order promotion from people who specialize in this. This will help prevent mistakes that can aggravate the situation of the site, save time and, ultimately, the budget. But if you're still determined to do it yourself, then here are some tips on how to optimize your site yourself.

Independent internal optimization

For effective promotion, you need to clearly understand what steps you need to take and why. We will look at every step that will help your site become more professional and authoritative for search engines.

Analysis and identification of technical errors

Перед началом продвижением необходимо сделать так, чтобы на нем не было ошибок, которые сведут все ваши усилия к нулю.
Steps you can take on your own to analyze your website for errors:

  • Check page speed with a free service from Google. You will be able to see the loading speed as well as recommendations for speeding up your site.

  • During the promotion, you will need to analyze the site on a daily basis, for this you will benefit from Google Search Console. Follow the instructions to connect your site to the system and start tracking.

  • Find out which pages are indexed and available for search results. To do this, type site: in the search, where instead of an example, insert a link to your site. In the search you will see all the pages that are indexed. If you failed to find important pages, then it is possible to close these pages from indexing or your site has received a ban from the search network.

  • Checking the site for errors in development. When creating a site, the developer could make mistakes that affect search engine results. In order to check for such errors, use the validator, which will show the presence of errors on the pages.

  • Checking adaptability to different devices and browsers. It is important that no matter what device the user uses and what browser they prefer to use, your site always looks great, is convenient and accessible.

Technical verification is a rather time-consuming and complex process that requires deep knowledge and skills. If you miss something important, it can harm the site and cause a decrease in positions in the search results. Therefore, before starting, you need to carefully read all the nuances of your site and draw up a step-by-step work plan. If you are not sure that you can master the current task or your resource has a large number of pages, for example, an online store, you should consider contacting specialists who will accurately understand the task and carry out all the necessary work at the highest level. Our Nice Digital Studio site creation and promotion agency offers full promotions, as well as general SEO services, such as auditing or building backlinks.

Compilation of the semantic core

Creating a sematic core is an integral and very important part of SEO optimization. Search queries, keywords that describe your product or service are called the semantic core. To help you work with it, we recommend using these services:

When collecting the sematic core, it is necessary to pay attention to the number of impressions of each request in recent weeks. The higher the frequency for a specific request, the more difficult it will be to promote the site to the top. The advice is to pay attention to requests that have a lower frequency, but which will allow you to bring the site to the top faster.

Collect queries tied to a specific region if your business is local. Use semantics for the countries in which you are going to work.

Take your main competitors and analyze what queries they are promoting their sites for. What keywords are used, what audience are they trying to attract. This will help you understand your audience and save time

Working with navigation

The more convenient your site is, the better impression it will make on a potential client, the higher the possibility that the potential one will turn into your client. This applies to convenient navigation, friendly design, a convenient way to leave a request or request a call back.

Use breadcrumbs, clear and understandable page titles, navigation that in one click will send you to the required section of the site.

Creating content for the site

Any independent promotion will not do without working with content. You have to be very careful when working with content. Use good content building, don't try to put as many keywords on a page as possible just to reach a large audience. For illiterate content placement, the site can get banned and you will never be found in the search.

Your main task is to give the information that is interesting to the user. Content should be of high quality, unique and respond to user requests.

Indicators that will help optimize the site on my own, working with content:

  • Content quality. Your content must be unique, you can't just take text from another resource and place it on yours. Such actions will most likely lead to a ban. Keep track of the amount of spam in your texts, the desire to put as many keywords in the text as possible can lead to spamming, which in turn will lower the resource indicators. To check the uniqueness of the content, use services that will help you with this, for example

  • Keywords. This is where the assembled sematic core will come in handy, with the help of which your site will be issued for requests. When adding keywords, you need to be careful and avoid overspam in the texts. Don't try to add keywords in every application. Use an average of one word per 500 characters. Place them evenly so as not to lose the essence.

  • Headings. Use clear and short titles. Try to make it conspicuous yet clearly display the content of the page. Use keywords from semantics, using them in titles increases the chance to reach a large audience. Don't forget about subheadings, they help to divide the text into understandable sections, which makes interacting with the content more pleasant and convenient. Use H2 and H3 level subheadings, but remember that they must be unique across all pages. Do not use more than one sister-in-law of the H1 level on the page, this is considered a gross mistake.

  • Pictures. Try to combine text content with pictures, this will increase user engagement, and is also likely to attract more traffic. Don't forget to use alt and title attributes for images, form them based on your semantic core.

Of-page SEO promotion

If you are engaged in independent SEO promotion, you need to remember about working with a link profile. Links on other resources that lead to your site are called a link profile. Every site has a level of trust from search engines. If a resource has a high domain authority score, then some of that authority will be transferred to your site. Whether it is a new site or a mature resource, complex promotion using external links will help to become an effective tool that allows the owner to develop his business and increase profits. When working with backlinks, you need to be careful and expand your link profile in stages to prevent a sharp link growth in a short time, which can lead to sanctions. For each resource, a separate, specific strategy should be developed, which depends on the region, type of business.
Links are:

  • anchor;

  • anchorless;

  • permanent, eternal;

  • temporary, rental.

Difficulties of independent SEO-promotion

Self-promotion can be a fun and educational process, but it can also become very stressful and bring negative results.

The main reasons why self-optimization will fail:

  • Inexperience and lack of knowledge;

  • High competition among companies that work on optimization on an ongoing basis in order to take positions in the TOP search;

  • Lack of experience in marketing, which will help to reach the client and will not bring visible results;

  • Changes in search engine algorithms that make adjustments to work on SEO promotion;

  • Lack of technical knowledge to help identify errors.

Benefits of ordering SEO promotion from professionals

SEO optimization is a complex, long and reverent process that will definitely bear fruit if it is treated properly. Proper optimization will bring organic traffic, which will increase the profits of your business, but poor optimization can lead to site blocking and unrealistic expectations.

If you want to improve your site, but are not confident in your abilities, the best solution is to contact an agency that specializes in this.

Here are the main reasons why you should order SEO optimization in an agency:

  • Diversity of experience. Specialists daily work with many sites of various topics, it is quite likely that the agency already had a client from the same or similar niche, which means that there is invaluable experience that can be used;

  • Qualification. SEO promotion has many nuances and pitfalls that professionals know about. This will make it possible not to expose the site to the danger of being blocked and to get traffic as efficiently and quickly as possible.

  • A complex approach. Usually, not one specialist works on a project, but people in a team who simultaneously perform each of their functions, whether it is analytics, error correction, or writing marketing content. Such a team is able to achieve the best results.

Order SEO optimization for the site

If you want your site to rank high and get more traffic, you can order SEO promotion from our agency. Our promotion strategy, which includes advanced technologies, uses a fundamentally modern approach. Benefits of working with our team on your projects:

  • Save money. Based on the research, we direct our efforts to the most effective methods of promotion, which helps to achieve goals while spending a minimum of resources;

  • Transparency of work. We coordinate with the client all promotion costs so that there is an understanding of the necessary budget. We provide reports describing the work done, the results achieved and a development plan for the next month;

  • Complex problem solving. Performing all necessary marketing work to achieve goals. We combine SEO promotion with other advertising channels that help to achieve maximum results;

  • Individual approach. For each business, we are looking for an individual approach that will be as effective as possible. Your site should be close to your client, we make this way comfortable and interesting.