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5 Things The Best We Always Do For Our Clients


7 Dec. 2020

Nice Digital Studio Blog - 5 Things The Best We Always Do For Our Clients

As a design team manager at Nice Digital Studio, I work with a wonderful team of talented designers, developers, copywriters, marketing managers, targeted professionals. Together, we help companies develop beautiful software that meets their business goals.

Many companies can make a good product that works

But it is the outstanding specialists who bring the most value. For us, long-term success is not related to our work, but to our relationship. Throughout the design process, we communicate, empathize and collaborate with clients on both a business and human level. We understand the risk the project is dealing with and adapt the design process. We are never shy about talking about the flaws of our solution, or asking questions when in doubt.

But throughout the time that we work, we are improving and growing every day. We've figured out 5 things successful companies do with their customers.

Understand what’s at stake

Nice Digital Studio Blog - Understand what’s at stake

Companies often lose the least if a project fails. But customers are investing huge amounts of money in creating a product. They often only have one chance to impress investors and get a shot at developing a project. They hardly need to leave the future of their business to you.

The most successful development teams communicate how their decisions relate to their clients' business goals. While you may be an expert in numerous technical aspects, you are not an expert in your client's business. You will have to ask the client a few questions to determine the context. For example these are:

  • What's your overall business strategy?

  • What is your company’s internal operations like? What is your capacity for change?

  • What do your competitors do well?

  • What is the general state of the market?

We try to use these questions to help take the focus away from the product for abstract users and move towards a satisfying solution for the users the customer wants to reach.

Knowing the rates will also help you assess the risks your client is willing to take. We always try to communicate risks and, if necessary, reconsider decisions if necessary

Understand the client's worldview

Nice Digital Studio Blog - Understand the client's worldview

The client may not always be a design expert, but he is an expert in his field. To win their respect, we try to make them feel respectable. We listen to what they have to say, try to incorporate them into the design process and let them share their technical knowledge whenever possible.

We also explain not only the importance of our decisions, but also how they relate to our client's goals.

Recognize vision for work

Nice Digital Studio Blog - Recognize vision for work

We look at the client, not as a simple employee, manager, or boss who needs to meet budget and deadlines. For us, these are people with their own goals and limitations. They have their own working methods and expectations of progress.

We always try to show the client how we work - letting him see how everything is with his own eyes. This always requires regular and open communication. The goal is to educate our clients about all the hard work that is required for our product and give them the opportunity to respond.

We try to adhere to the following practices:

  • We regularly report on the status of work, whether the work is in progress or not.

  • Offer measurable goals and track them

  • Show records of real users, display statistics and processes

Set a goal when seeing success

It's important to ask your client how they think the project will affect their traffic goals and overall go-to-market strategy. What metrics will they use to determine a successful project?

Never forget about costs

Nice Digital Studio Blog - Never forget about costs

Speaking of money: There are technological, organizational, and personal costs for developing digital products. Keep in mind that every new feature or tool we develop will need to be built and maintained. While you may sometimes want to introduce a new tool because it is easier to work with, it can create problems for your customers. This could not only lead to increased costs in the beginning but also cause problems in the future.

Changes also mean different costs from company to company. For example, changing the logo will have little effect on small businesses. But in a mature enterprise, a lot of money and effort could be spent changing all the elements of brand awareness. We never forget our clients' affairs and focus on what has the greatest impact at an affordable price.

We demonstrate that we are the owner of our client's success and show him that he did the right thing by hiring your firm. The best companies know that trust is something that beautiful design alone cannot achieve.

We in Nice Digital Studio build a relationship with a client on trust and professionalism that will benefit both parties. We always give 110% and are ready to achieve results no matter what! If you want to work with us - now is the best time, we are waiting to help you reach a new level!

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