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14 Internet Marketing Ideas To Increase Ecommerce Sales


13 Mar. 2021

Nice Digital Studio Blog - 14 Internet Marketing Ideas To Increase Ecommerce Sales

Learn tactics to drive traffic to your ecommerce business by converting that traffic into buyers.

Online marketing helps ecommerce companies use advertising tactics to drive traffic to our ecommerce business, convert that traffic into paying customers, and retain those customers after purchase.

A holistic ecommerce marketing strategy consists of marketing tactics both on and off your website. A strong marketing strategy helps to build brand awareness, increase customer loyalty and ultimately increase our sales.

Here are some practical ideas to help you increase your sales:

Get followers for your email marketing campaigns

Nice Digital Studio Blog - Get followers for your email marketing campaigns

When we think about ROI, email marketing is one of the most effective channels when it comes to driving sales and generating sales from current customers.

Email has the advantage of offering a more intimate interaction by sending a message to your personal inbox, and this is a format in which we can explain many other things that might not fit in a social media post.

To get started with email marketing and attract subscribers, it is important to make visible and encourage subscribers, for example, on a blog, if we have one, or in a pop-up window when entering our online store.

Reduce the number of abandoned shopping carts

Nice Digital Studio Blog - Reduce the number of abandoned shopping carts

Many people who enter our store and add items to their cart end up not buying.

It is possible that many of these potential customers who have abandoned selected items may be invited to complete their purchase. To do this, we can differentiate ourselves by offering new benefits such as free shipping or discounts.

Take advantage of a trendy social network like Instagram

Nice Digital Studio Blog - Take advantage of a trendy social network like Instagram

With millions of daily active users, it is one of the fastest growing social networks that allows us to connect consumers with brands.

Take great photos, research hashtags that work best for your audience, and pick the best moments to post.

You may be interested in engaging our audience, for example by running contests on Instagram.

You can also run Instagram promotions.

Work with your email marketing campaigns

Nice Digital Studio Blog - Work with your email marketing campaigns

In addition to receiving new email addresses, we must regularly define our sending strategy.

We can often send emails like this to our subscribers:

  • Welcome letter;
  • Offer discounts;
  • Regular newsletter with product tips, offers, news;
  • Offer relevant content to our audience;
  • Ask for your opinion on items you have purchased to improve products or our services;
  • Special days like Black Friday or Valentine's Day.

Chat with your users

Nice Digital Studio Blog - Chat with your users

One of the best ways to increase sales and improve customer experience is through live chat on our website. The ability to interact in real time will help our shoppers overcome the barriers to purchase in the digital environment.

Take advantage of content marketing

Nice Digital Studio Blog - Take advantage of content marketing

Clients appreciate the ability to design a blog with additional content related to direct selling, as well as a great tool when it comes to guiding and directing their purchases.

An e-commerce business should blog regularly to communicate with customers and increase search engine rankings.

Likewise, there are other options that can complement our blog and be very interesting, such as posting on other websites as a guest, creating guides to help customers use our products more effectively, or hosting a podcast where they show us like some experts in our sector.

Optimize your product pages

Nice Digital Studio Blog - Optimize your product pages

Optimizing our conversion rates speeds up conversions in our ecommerce and therefore helps us to increase sales.

To implement these improvements, we must conduct both qualitative and quantitative research so that we have a multidisciplinary vision of what areas can be improved in our website conversions.

After we conduct our research to identify challenges and opportunities, we can develop hypotheses and tests to see which approaches generate the most sales, following assumptions such as growth-oriented design.

Develop loyalty plans

Nice Digital Studio Blog - Develop loyalty plans

Focusing on customer retention is the most profitable way to increase our online sales. Our most loyal customers generate a very important percentage of our revenue.

One way to reward loyal customers and those who spend a lot is through a loyalty program. A loyalty plan can benefit both customers and our e-commerce business. This is an incentive to make more purchases and keeps us in the spotlight of our most loyal customers.

For example, we might have a point-based program that can be redeemed for discounts, free shipping, or gifts.

Optimize your site for mobile devices

Nice Digital Studio Blog - Optimize your site for mobile devices

For many online retailers, smartphone sales will soon exceed or exceed desktop sales.

Optimizing your store for mobile means much more than just creating a design that suits your needs. As a first option, he is developing our website for mobile visitors.

This may require making a large add to cart button on all mobile product pages to make it easier for the visitor to add our products to the cart or improve the speed of our website.

We can also compress our images in newer compression formats like WEBP to make the images load faster.

Setting up ecommerce

Personalization is a particularly effective marketing tactic for increasing online sales. Based on data about our users' behavior on the website, we can personalize the experience according to their past actions and preferences so that we prioritize what they will be interested in buying more.

Personalization is also extremely useful when our e-commerce is international and our customers may be interested in different products depending on where they are located. For example, it is very possible that someone in Madrid does not want the same clothes as in Kiev.

Put the customer in the spotlight

Nice Digital Studio Blog - Put the customer in the spotlight

Ours will always be looking for the best product. As e-commerce managers, we must assess market demand to know what interests them.

In conducting our research, we can rely on:

  • Marketing Research;
  • Keyword Research;
  • What are the trends in social networks.

Take the opportunity with your comments and ratings

Nice Digital Studio Blog - Take the opportunity with your comments and ratings

Using user generated content is a great way to create "social proof". If potential customers see that people like them regularly buy products, they will be more confident that they will do the same.

Consumers are more likely to trust information from third-party online reviews than from the brand itself.

A good example is how Ebay often accompanies comments and ratings on its products with “home” photos of the product.

Use the "wishlist" function

Nice Digital Studio Blog - Use the

Wishlists are the perfect solution that many ecommerce companies have. It is useful both for knowing what to give to other people and for preserving products that are very interesting to you.

Using email marketing or an app, if we have one, we can set up a reminder to convince shoppers to take the final step in purchasing those products they've previously shown interest in.

Create a layout that makes it easy for customers to get what they want

Poor user experience leads to lost customers. Many online stores have errors such as:

  • Hard to read font
  • Incomprehensible navigation
  • Lack of a clear value proposition

Working to improve the conversion rate of our website may lead us to need to segment products in a different way, or to realize that there is a surplus of products on the page, which needs to find an appropriate balance between text and visualization. elements or make calls to action more visible and engaging.

Never stop improving your online store

Nice Digital Studio Blog - Never stop improving your online store

With this list of tactics, you have several ways to help you drive more traffic and increase your ecommerce sales.

Whenever we want to increase traffic and conversions, consistency seems to be an issue and our best ally is to stay focused.

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